The company story begins with the creation of Biodev by SEQENS IVD founder Jean Pierre PICOT. It is the result of a university project on protein development. M. PICOT wants to create a biotechnology company specialised in the development of biological proteins for both cosmetics and in vitro diagnostic industries.



Five years later, the production part is renamed ID bio and focuses on developing new ingredients for its two areas of activity.
This also marks the launch of our historical product: Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). Since then, ID bio has developed a whole range of diversified Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) to match your needs.



The company settles on ESTER Technopole, which is the birthplace of many economic achievements in Limousin. This way, the company can profit from the highly technological environment on this area.



After the Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), the company begins to produce Bovine Fibrinogen, in order to extend its range of product.



After several years of regular growth, ID bio decides to invest in the extension of the building and the floor space is increased five times. This year, the company seeks for a new challenge and starts to manufacture products from human plasma. The entity H2B is then created to take over this part of the production.



ID bio and H2B first obtain environment certification ISO 14001. Indeed, it has been years that both companies develop their know-how while reducing their environmental impact to a minimum.

Over the years, H2B incrementally develops the range of products manufactured from human plasma: BaseSerum and Depleted Human Sera.



This year marks a new turning point for the companies when obtaining quality certification ISO 9001, which confirms their commitment to always better respond to market needs.



It is a very important year for both companies as from now on they will grow separately. ID bio is now only taking care of the cosmetics part, while H2B has become the unique partner for all the IVD activities -both animal and human fractionated blood products.



H2B joins the Novacap group to accelerate the company's development.


Novacap group changed his name to SEQENS and H2B became SEQENS In Vitro Diagnostic.

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