Ethics & Certifications



Quality approach

For years now, SEQENS IVD has been developing a strong and omnipresent quality identity. Today, it is rooted in operating processes as well as in collaborators' minds.

This quality approach is supported by the obtention of certifications ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (customer satisfaction) since 2011 and 2013. Every year, SEQENS IVD also publishes its QSE policy (Quality - Security - Environment) which defines the company's objectives and promotes its commitments towards interested parties.


SEQENS IVD is very concerned about ethics and considers it as an essential part of the process to deliver the best products and services to customers.

Bovine raw material

Bovine plasma used for the manufacture of SEQENS IVD BSA and Bovine Fibrinogen is sourced in EU-approved French slaughterhouses. It is collected from French healthy cattle declared free from BSE in its clinical forms.

Human raw material

Blood donations used for the manufacture of SEQENS IVD human range are collected in France or Poland. All human raw material complies with these essential ethics principles: donor consent, gratuitousness and anonymity.

Raw material has also been tested and found negative for:
   - anti-HIV 1+2 & anti-HCV antibodies
   - HBs antigen
   - HIV 1 & HCV RNA
   - Syphilitic serology


IOS 9001   ISO 14001


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